• ARA Products is an eminent force in the distribution and technical support of multi-industry products.

          Specialising in dynamic distribution and Australian manufacturing. With a heritage deeply rooted in innovation and quality, we are your trusted partner for secure, cutting-edge access control, security, and CCTV technology.

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ISCS: Experts in Access Control & Security Solutions

ISCS stands as the leading technology solution provider in the Australasian Asset Protection, Access Control, and Security Industry. Established as an Australian-owned company, our offerings encompass a broad spectrum of Access Control and Security Solutions tailored for diverse business needs and corporate sectors.

Our distinguished array of products includes:

  • Physical Access Control: State-of-the-art systems ensuring authorised entry and safeguarding assets.
  • CCTV Security Surveillance: Comprehensive monitoring solutions for enhanced security and peace of mind.
  • Entry Control Solutions: Advanced mechanisms to regulate and monitor entry points efficiently.
  • Logical Access Control: Securing digital platforms and networks against unauthorised access.
  • IoT Solutions: Integrating smart devices and systems for a seamless and interconnected security environment.
  • RF Solutions: Leveraging radio frequency technology for efficient communication and security.
  • Power & Cabling: Including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to ensure continuous operation of security systems.


What sets us apart?

At ISCS, we pride ourselves on a culture deeply rooted in customer satisfaction. By persistently striving to achieve unparalleled service standards, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves, placing us a class above our competitors​​. Our motto is simple: “We listen to our customers’ special needs.”

Our partnerships with esteemed brands further solidify our commitment to delivering top-notch security solutions. We offer first-rate consultation and unwavering technical support, making us the go-to for businesses looking to bolster their security infrastructure.


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We offer customised products and solutions to meet your specific needs utilising our in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities.


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